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Diverse, innovative and customer value oriented management
are our driving force and competitive edge.

Company Overview

Since 1970s which cosmetic industry started thriving, we have been leadingthe nation셲 cosmetic ingredients industry by supplying the advanced ingredients from Europe and US. Nowadays, we have built up a solid reputation as a leading company that exclusively supplies global companies cosmetic, industrial and pharmaceutical ingredients in Korea. We keep on discovering the new and advanced technology in local and global market. We have gained credibility by providing the outstanding products quality and distinguished sales strategy so that we are looking forward to expanding our business field to exporting and other various sectors..

New Business

Connecting Beauty
Flexible customizing product development capability is one of our strengths. And our long-term relationship with its valued
customers based on the trust helps the best communication to promote the cutting-edge products effectively and efficiently.
R&D Technology
We established our laboratory in 2005 to provide the technical support more efficiently to our valued customer. We have been continuously investing resources in R&D to maintain our competitive edge.
New Advanced Technology
We keep on discovering new technology and strengthen our product competitiveness to lead the market trend. We always focus on the customer value to create and realize the new value with our customers.
Research institutions Network
We invest resources and cooperate with various research institutions to develop new products continuously. We aim to be a global leading trend company and realizing our vision with expanding our business to overseas.